About OUR Farm

ARKAponics was founded in 2013 with a simple mission: grow organic food, local to our market, in an environmentally sustainable way.  ARKAponics has 8,000 plants growing in two high tunnels on a farm in south Little Rock.  The high tunnels protect against frost, wind, and along with the lack of soil, protect against many common pests.  In addition, instead of using energy to heat and cool the space, we vary our plantings to work naturally with the seasons...even winter.  We also use sustainable construction and packaging materials as much as possible.  ARKAponics is also a member of the Aquaponics Association, a national organization promoting the benefits of aquaponics. 

John Doyle

Founder/ owner

About OUR Founder

4800 Sq ft of Fresh food

John Doyle is a licensed civil engineer and had a successful consulting career but in 2013 found himself yearning to fulfill a higher purpose in life.  Long concerned with the health impacts of traditional American diet, John recognized this was where his passion and purpose intersected.  Years earlier an article about an aquaponic farm started in an old Milwaukee warehouse, captured his attention and provided the inspiration for ARKAponics.  

About our philosophy

ARKAponics is more than a farm; it is an opportunity to plant the seeds of healthier bodies and a healthier planet. 

Humans face so many challenges and all must be faced sooner rather later. Energy and access to clean water are huge issues facing everyone on Earth. Conservation and new technologies will both play an important role in achieving sustainability with the Earth.  Aquaponics is not a new technology, but it has been flying under the radar. Requiring 98% less water, no tractors, no crop dusters, and no cross-country shipping to deliver its products, aquaponics stands to make a real impact on these big issues.

Another major set of issues facing humans, particularly Arkansans and Americans, are the health consequences brought on by our industrial food system.  Scientists are consistently finding new health issues brought about by either a lack of minerals and nutrients in our food or caused by toxins added to our food, many from the fertilizers and pesticides used in farming. Obesity, cancers, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and probably most diseases can be treated and prevented by eating a better diet.  We believe that if the volume of organic food increases, becomes available in more places, and becomes affordable to everyone that there will be measurable impact on the state and nation’s health.

In addition, by demonstrating that it is possible to earn a good living while improving the world around us, it is our hope that others will be encouraged to join the aquaponics movement.  We can create a job for someone, on any piece of land in any city, that in turn creates health and improves the economy of central Arkansas.